Tuesday September 17th 2019 Cokie Roberts dies, Snowden misses home

As Israel heads back to the polls, the Middle East inches closer to the ultimate showdown. Oil prices have stabilized as President Trump has exercised restraint in the wake of Iranian aggression in the Strait of Hormuz Political pressure on Trump to condemn Iran and retaliate has been countered by those in the Alternate conservative […]

BREAKING: Justice Kennedy announces retirement!! Wednesday June 27th 2018 Supremes knock down Unions raiding non-union workers paychecks, plus guest IQ Al Rassooli

Frustrated, feckless democrats just can’t beat Donald Trump. News breaking today that Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy is announcing his retirement from the high court after months pof speculation that Kennedy would be the next to go. Donald Trump has always been a winner in life. And while November 8th 2016 was a climactic moment […]

Rule of Law: Re-established in Supreme Fashion

Washington, D.C.- In a dramatically powerful ruling Monday, the Supreme Court re-established the Constitution and the Rule of Law, by overturning several federal court rulings which barred the Trump administration from enforcing the Immigration Ban executive ord4r the president issued in his first few weeks in office.     The ruling was a crushing defeat for the […]