Wednesday September 19th 2018 Rassooliu and the Midnight Patriot LIVE

After a mkost harrowing Tuesday, replete with a lengthy powert outage and a near disaster at the Nightside radio studios, things seem to be normal today. That’s good news for You! IQ Al Rassooli and the Original Midnight Patriot join JJ today to drop some serious knowledgfe about the latest news at home and abroad. […]

Thursday September 13th 2018: Florence, Engineered weather weapon? Who is to blame?

Hurricane Florence stalls, weakens, but it’s scope widens as record rainfalls are expected. This begs the question: Are hurricanes simple products of nature, or is this weather engineered for a vast geopolitical weapon to force people away from ther homes and livelihoods by evil globalists? We’ll consider the possibilities while we rule out the ridiculous […]

9/11/2001: Seventeen years later, is America safer? Is America still America?

Seventeen years after the most horrific day in our lifetimes, is America safer? Is America still Americ? OF COURSE, THE ANSWER TO THPSE QUESTIONS FORCES US TO TAKE A STEP BACK AND CONSIDER THE FACTORS WHICH MANY PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO CONSIDER. If the question is about our relative safety, that is a matter of […]

JJ McCartney is LIVE in the renovations-in-progress Studio!

The rumor is TRUE> JJ is NOW LIVE in the NBEW Nightside Radio Studio! Joine us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET weekdays for our one-of-a-k9nd show! Catch up with us LIVE as we cover the latest goings-on, and always deal honestly with you. Join us and tell your friends!