Jerusalem: Prophetic events unfold against tumultuous backdrop

Monday,, May 14th 2018: Jerusalem: U.S. Embassy dedicated, Jared and Ivanka serve as emissaries for President Trump as the commitment made by the U.S. Congress in 1995 has finally been fulfilled. Unruly demonstrations by Palestinians turned into clashes with the Israeli security forces, whichh resulted in the deaths of at least 50. Tensions remain high, […]

Friday May 11th 2018 TGIF with the Mysterious Colonel!

The Friday EXTRAVAGANZA with the Mysterious Colonel!! This week in the news: North Korea frees 3 American prisoners! Trump pulls US out of Iran Nuke “Deal” Economy BOOMING Did Mueller leak confidential information to Stormy’s attorney? Who is PAYING for Stormy’s attorney, anyway? PLUS: MORE Clinton/Lynch Tartmac meeting records! Join us LIVE from 3 to […]

Wednesday May 9th Al Rassooli + Trump pulls US out of horrid Iran Nuke Deal

The Trump Card- Wins every time! Mueller’s abuse of his roll as special investigator may soon come to an end! Say what you will, but there can be no arguing that the impact on America’s working people of the Trump policies at home and abroad are beginning to pay dividends. Americans are happier, more confident, […]

Tuesday May 1st: Dr. Mark Davis, plus Soft-Kill pt. 2

Dr. Mark Davis joins JJ McCartney LIVE today at 3pm ET at and Red State Talk Radio. Be ready, because JJ’s scheduled to have a tooth pulled today, so he may not be his normal talkative self. But Dr. Mark Davis to the rescue! LOTS to discuss, from the amazing presentation from Biobi Netanyahu […]

Friday April 27th 2018- Trump policies deliver real progress

Trump “real leadership” on display. Results matter, and the progress made in National security and international diplomacy cannot be disputed. Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET as we are joined by the Mysterious Colonel, and we talk about the latest from the Middle East, as well as progress in the lead-up to the […]

Tuesday April 17th 2018: Dr. Mark Davis and WHAT the GORSUCH was THAT?!

Trump’s hard lesson: Supremes are fickle bunch, as Gorsuch sides with the libs on the high court on key Immigration issue. Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET as JJ is joined by Dr. Mark Davis! We’ll tyalk about the controversial deportation proviso which the Supreme court, on a 5-4 ruling, declared was too […]

Coup in process: FBI, Justice and Mueller commit Treason

CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS: The Political Establishment attempts an end-run around Constitution, launches COUP attempt  in broad daylight, Republicans leading the way Leave it to the weasels in the leadership of the GOP in the senate to level their sharpened blades and attempt to thrust them into the President’s back. Mitch McConnell most assuredly has skeletons in […]