Wednesday June 13th 2018 Mueller’s BS + IQ l Rassooli is BACK

Today on The JJ McCartney Show: Media speculation that former Trump Lawyer Michael COhen is ready to “flip” on Trump is plastered front and center on Drudge. More Manafort insinuations as well. The time has long since past for Jeff Sessions to fire Mueller. And for Rod Rosenstein to be sent packing onc3e and for […]

JJ McCartney Show 06-11-2018 Summit’s Eve: Front-row seat for History, plus eyes on Bilderberg, Kilauea, and Middle East and what do YOU believe?

Summit’s Eve: Historic meeting between Trump and Kim: In-depth analysis and coverage. We’ll bring you the latest on the Summit as both nations posture for meeting. Also, live updates on Kilauea, the ongoing crisis in Hawaii, and what officials are saying is another explosive summit eruption within the next 24 hours, as crater/caldera slumps could […]

Thursday June 7th 2018: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods, Calamity. An Angry Planet in turmoil: Kilauea eruption is ‘major threat’ to residents of Hawaii. What the government isn’t saying today on The JJ McCartney how

All about Kilauea, Del Fuego, Earthquakes, and what comes next? Join us for a special edition of The JJ McCartney hopw as we turn our focus to the major events unfolding on the big island of Hawaii, Guatemala, and what to expect in the coming days and weeks as the situation has developed into a […]

Tuesday May 29th 2018: Dr. Mark Davis + News and a Kilauea update

Back to work, everybody! Yes, the long Holiday Weekend finds people talking by the water cooler about all the fun they had over the long weekend. Some recreated outdoors as much as the weather allowed. Others were forced indoors by weather, and so many books got read, many videos got watched, and many tweets were […]

Tuesday May 22nd 2018 JJ and Dr. Mark Davis cover the mentally diseased Lunatic Left

Tuesday’s edition of The JJ McCartney Show will feature our guest, Dr. Mark Davis, as we talk about all the latest news, the crazies on the left promising to impeach President Trump if they(the loser democrats) win majorities in both houses in November. They fail to recognize this president’s numerous accomplishments, from the economy to […]