Thursday January 17th 2019 Can we talk?? JJ exposes MORE FAKERY in the Nooz.

It’s way past time for American Patriots to make a stand. As slanderous articles are published every day from the colluding leftist-controlled news on your house’s squawk-box, our president is doing as much as he can to fight for the U.S.A. And he needs our support, our encouragement and our prayers. But what if he […]

March 19th: Hope of the World has a name: Jesus

In this troubled age, Where do you turn for hope, help, relief, rest, and purpose? I am privileged to be here today, to tell you the only place you can find hope, help, relief, rest, and purpose! You who are weary, frustrated, sorrowful, fearful, or maybe you are just feeling like you do not belong. […]