JJ McCartney Show- November 28th 2018 News and IQ Al Rassooli

Hello news-fans. JJ is back in t he saddle today, with news and commentary the likes of which is unsurpassed anywhere! And a bit if a change today, as IQ Al Rassooli can only join us in hour 2 today. SO all you lucky guys and gals will get a first-hour of pure JJ McCartney. […]

Monday 11-19-2018 JJ McCartney presents the Monday Rundown LIVE

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET as we cover the relevant news of the weekend, as well as today’s top thoughts and commentary. The JJ McCartney Show is an unapologetic Christ-based patriotic talk radio show, which brings you a unique perspective about the evil afoot in the world today, and how the […]

Tuesday July 24th 2018 Dr. Mark Davis + News and Comment LIVE

OLD School radio. The year was 1978. And JJ McCartyney was about to walk into a career path that would become his obsession. At the age of 15, the future was going to bounce JJ like a pinball during the great Alaska earthquake of 1964. Station to station, town to town, state to state. The […]

The day after Christmas from Frigid Falls with Dr. Mark Davis!

The day after Christmas, and the landscape is a blanket of pure white snow as far as the eye can see. Talk about a Christmasy Christmas weekend! Our snow started Friday, and it wasn’t supposed to amoun to much more than an inch or two. But the weatherman was, SHOCKINGLY, wrong. Saturday was a day […]

BREAKING: Speaker Paul Ryan is QUITTING, plus Michael Cutler LIVE

An Early Christmas gift for America: Speaker Paul Ryan to give up the gavel, leave DC. Just a few years ago, as frustrations with Speaker John Boehner reaching a crescendo, Paul Ryan was drafted as the only man who was willing to take the job of Speaker of the House. But Paul Ryan’s personal ambitions […]

Grand Theft: Alabama. How the leftist media, DEMS/GOP and Obama stole senate seat

The establishment Deep State just stole the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions in Alabama. This was the biggest bamboozle in American political history. A claculated steady stream of lies and innuendo with absolutely ZERO evidence was rolled out en masse by the lame-stream media. Financed by George Soros, and by both political parties deep […]

Al Franken’s Sleazy Sayonara, plus Michael Cutler and David Oliver

FRANKEN-STEIN GONE-ster! Senator Al Franken resigned Today, over numerous allegations of sexual misconduct toward women dating back over dozens of years. Sen. Al Franken says he’s been an advocate for women. That’s even as he resigns amid a torrent of sexual misconduct accusations. The Minnesota Democrat says he’s used his position “to be a champion […]

SOCAL wildfire: Ventura blaze rages, 45,000 acres and growing, 27,000 evacuated

Over 150 structures have been consumed in a wildfire raging near Ventura, California. Crews are battling the blaze. The fire is being intensified by strong winds. It appears the flames overtook entire neighborhoods, as reports came in after daylight. As of 7AMĀ  this morning, according to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Tim Lockwood., there was […]