Why you should boycott the NFL, ESPN, Disney, and the Electric Company

There used to be a time when everybody understood their roles in this thing called Western civilization. Diplomats were statesmen and stateswomen. Professors were levelheaded and fair-minded. Universities were actual repositories of knowledge and reason. The halls of government were places of honor and history. Entertainers cared what their audiences thought of their work, and […]

Colbert leads Hollywood down the drain

HOLLYWEIRD REACHES NEW LOWS The remarkably untalented Colbert led the remarkably stupid left to a new Death-Valley low in ratings. Today on The JJ McCartney Show: JJ will comment on the all-time lows of the left, and the shame of CBS to air such a hideous evening of sleaze and unpatriotic sedition-on-parade. News of the […]

September 11, 2017: 16 years after, America’s biggest threat? Slumbering patriots.

With the news media reeling after back-to-back major hurricanes, it would be very easy to glaze over the 16th anniversary of the 9/11/2001 terror attacks on America. But that is not our problem, it’s theirs. 9/11 should always command reverent remembrance. The years since 9/11, America has been duped into fighting a long, protracted war […]

A Tuesday to remember: JJ McCartney’s American appeal: REMEMBER

On this Tuesday, September 5th, we are going to change our focus a bit, as we look to our past to instruct our present and our future. Less than one week before we commemorate the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that forced America to engage openly in the war on terrorism, we’re going to […]

Thermonuclear North Korea. Panic? War? What Trump Should Do now

Join JJ McCartney for a special LIVE Labor Day edition of The JJ McCartney Show North Korean Hydrogen Bomb American response? China’s contribution? What should President Trump do about Kim? Join us LIVE at Noon ET at www.jjmccartney.com or Red State Talk Radio. Also streaming live video on the FACEBOOK page at www.facebook.com/jjmccartneyradio

Suddenly September: Is judgment upon the U.S.? Should it be?

People may be wondering why God lets things happen, like Harvey’s assault on Texas for instance. And some are speculating that the floods in Texas are a judgment upon this nation. Well, according to scripture, judgments follow rebellion against God. Judgments could be thought of as almost a parental form of discipline upon an unruly […]

As Texas copes, Soros’ leftists mock, foment hatred toward Harvey victims,

As our nation deals with the most expensive and crippling natural disaster in U.S. History, leftist Brown-shirts stage phony protests, foment hatred toward Harvey victims. Today: Plus sleazy opportunists posing as FEMA and DHS officials to loot homes. Huge Asteroid to “whiz by” Earth tomorrow, closer than any asteroid in modern history, and the hysteria […]

While the world’s eyes are on Texas, evil politicians plotting against Trump

It’s truly a disgrace what the establishment politicians from both parties are doing while the nation focuses on the catastrophic floods in Texas. From Mitch McConnell to Paull Ryan, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and countless other career political hacks are plotting against President Trump. And while they insist on being the slimy politicians they are, […]

Friday: Dr. Alveda King, plus Hurricane Harvey bears down on Texas(are they prepared?)

Hurricane bears down on Texas…first major hurricane to hit United States in over 5,000 days As Texas braces for: Category 2 hurricane Forecasters predict massive flooding in area larger than entire state of Iowa. Houston to Corpus Christi to Del Rio Coastal flooding, storm surge expected to do major damage. Power outages expected to last […]

Thursday: Blake was my friend. Its gonna be a good day.

I woke up this morning feeling like a tennis show in the dryer. As I was clearing the cobwebs from myy head, I got the message. A friend of mine died. One of my best friends. He was my attorney at one time. He was a family man, and he always had a smile and […]