TGIF at The Friday Extravaganza w/ the Mysteriouis Colonel

The FRIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA rides again with the Mysterious Colonel!

Join us LIVE at 3pm Eastern time for The JJ McCartney Show with the Mysterious Colonel, as we blast through more news than you can shake a stick at!

Google doesn’t know who Jesus Christ is? We’ll have all the holy details on how algorithms are programmed to promote godlessness and undermine the Christian faith!

Obama’s hidden chumminess with Nation of Islam’s Calypso Louis.

California’s fruity 9th Circuit Court of Appeals shocking comes out against allowing prayer in schools, sporting events and stuff like that.

Environmentalists now say Humans are making the globe COOLER. They are like a bad jukebox…changing tunes every time facts reveal that their old tune was pure bull-shite!



20 years after the Clinton/Lewinsky human humidor scandal broke, people are wondering if it was just about sex? We’ll revisit the facts, and let you decide.




Plus we learn as the trial begins in Philadelphia that the muslim that shot a police officer 13 times was “laying in wait” for the cop to arrive. As if that makes any difference? JJ asks the question of the day: Why do some people think there are varying degrees of Islamic terrorism?

And it’s not just happening here: Leftists target “Australia Day”, want to do away with monuments to Captain Cook. Leftists are just as nutty in the southern hemisphere as they are north of the Equator.

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