TGIF Friday Extravaganza 10-05-2018 Confirmation vote set for Saturday, and as predicted, crooked Lisa Murkowski lone GOP holdout

Jopin us today LIVE for the Friday Extravaganza for this Fridayt, October 5th 2018.

Topping the news, the Senate passed the vote for cloture on the Confirmation of Breett Cavenaugh to be the next associate Justice of the United States Sup-reme Court, which limits the senate debate to 30 hours. This will very likely lead to the confirmation vote some time early Saturday evening. The cloture vote was 51-49, and as prediucted on The JJ McCartney Show earlier this week, we predicted that the lone GOP ‘no’ vote came from Alaska’s crooked Lisa Murkowski.(below).

The face of the enemy: Crooked Lisa Murkowski, RINO


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