The approaching storm: Why I grow weary of this perverse culture, why I need a break.

The Approachng Storm: Why I need a break from this crazy, hostile culture.

Something bad is approaching. Tell me you haven’t felt it coming. Tell me you haven’t had a sense of foreboding, as if a major and bloody fight is coming to our land.

All my life I grew up feeling safe and free. America is still the envy of the world. But there is a growing, festering problem which I sense is about to explode into the streets. And for those of us who’ve sensed this storm approaching, many have tried to sound the alarm.

Five years ago, I could no longer remain silent, and I felt led to launch the JJ McCartney Show. Since beginning on August 19th 2013 we’ve done over 1,400 shows. we’ve reached millions of listeners world-wide. My wife and I have spent nearly all of our money to produce and promote the show.

This is a mission. It is a ministry. And it is a minefield. We’ve encontered our share of deranged lunatics and trolls, and we’ve managed to make a lot of very dear friends.

Now, here, today I sense an evil presence is taking aim at every conservative Christian in our nation. There is a rapidly growing amount of histility aimed squarely at Christians and Christianity, and the assault is blatantly ignoring the laws of this land.

How much audacity do our enemies have? After a fairly blistering rebuke from the U.S. Supreme Court striking down the actions of the state of Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission has once again leveled charges against Colorado baker Jack Phillips and his Masterpiece Cakery because Phillips refused to bake a cake celebrating a person’s transition from male to female.

From the Denver Post:

“I know the bible says that God created male and female and that we don’t get to choose that, and we don’t get to change that. And I don’t feel like the government has a right to compel me to participate in creating a cake that promotes that message,” Phillips said.
The owner of a cake shop sued Gov. John Hickenlooper and other state officials late Tuesday, reigniting a debate over religious freedoms in the public square.
Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop claims in his lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Denver, that the state has renewed its “crusade” against him for refusing to create a cake that would have violated his religious beliefs.
According to the suit, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruled that he once again violated the state’s nondiscrimination law when he refused to bake the cake. This time, it was for Autumn Scardina, an Arvada woman celebrating her birthday and the seventh anniversary of her gender transition.
The commission’s June opinion came despite Phillips’ earlier win at the U.S. Supreme Court over his refusal to make a cake for a gay wedding, the lawsuit says.
“The state of Colorado is ignoring the message of the U.S. Supreme Court by continuing to single out Jack for punishment and to exhibit hostility toward his religious beliefs,” said Kristen Waggoner, legal vice president of Alliance Defending Freedom, the organization representing Phillips.
However, the justices’ 7-2 decision in the cake maker’s earlier case was a narrow ruling that kept the state’s nondiscrimination laws intact but said the state commission did not appropriately weigh Phillips’ religious rights.
Hickenlooper told reporters Wednesday that he was not involved the commission’s most recent ruling, but said the issue is one of the most thorny he has seen during his public service career. He said he expects the issue to return to the U.S. Supreme Court.

What seems clear to me is that the democrats in power in Colorado are actively singling out Christians, and Jack Phillips in particular, as they seek to force Christians underground. ANd they have no regard whatsoever for the free speech rights, and the First Amendment freedom to practice one’s religion without any infringement or restriction imposed on the free exercise of any religion.

The LGBTQ movement in America is trying to force-feed their agenda on society at large, and they are clogging up the courts with ridiculous complaints against Christian-owned and operated businesses. This is as un-American as anything, and it now crosses over from just being a nuisance, to now becoming harassment, fascism and persecution. What will they ask for next> Scarlett letters for Christiansm, or perhaps the yellow star of David?(what the Nazis did to the Jews in Poland, Hungary, Germany, France, The Netherands, Switzerland, Austria and as far as the Third Reich’s tentacles stretched during their brutal reign of terror.

In addition to this kind of open hostility aimed at Christians, the left in America is literally trying to force an agenda and a curriculum on our school-aged children, as they attempt to erase the biological and physical differences between boys and girls. They claim that gender is not determined by your DNA, your physical presenting parts, or nature. They are trying to make a link between emotions and exploiting the emotions of pubescence as the ultimate determining factor where gender is concerned,. This absolutely defies the sciences.

And it throws logic and wisdom out the window, deferring instead to the “feelings” of immature, underdeveloped, and easily manipulated minds. The rest is power of suggestion, as TV and movies from Hollywood are replete with overt storylines and characters designed to plant seeds in those young skulls full of mush and recruit the vulnerable children to doubt what and who they really are.

This has further been compounded by the deterioration of the Christian churches of our land. There has been a massive falling away, as cultural Christians have faioed to adhere to the sound doctrine of Christianity, and gradually they ceased to believe in the Bible and Jesus as the absolute pillars upon which salvation and the eternal disposition of one’s soul rests.

Cultural norms of the early 1900’s have virtually been tossed away almost entirely. Permissiveness, promiscuity, sexual deviance, and infidelity became almost predominant in the course of just one century. And while there have been many preachers and evangelists trying to stand against the tide of sin and disbelief, they have been virtually nullified by the din of hundreds of channels of TV, promoting narcissism and debauchery while portraying Christians as hypocrites and squares from another place and time.

Now, in the year 2018, look what all of this has wrought.

Now, in the year 2018, look what all of this has wrought. Children as young as 2 are being abused by parents or guardians who are projecting their own personal perversions on these innocent young children. All the while, these perverts are claiming that these children are “born that way”, when thousands of years of human history prove that isn’t true.

These kids are a product of the envirtonment they were exposed to in their formative years, Yes, what I am saying is that the mass-media and very evil people with the help of the Devil himself have been brainwashing young children, creating in them terrible angst and confusion. From Barney the Dinosaur to Sesame Street, from Will and Grace to Seinfeld and Ellen, the message these people have been receiving, subtle as it may seem to some, was carefully crafted to recruit future LGBTQ folk.

Since these deviants cannot reproduce, they have to go hunting fresh meat to feed on, and they have chosen to pursue your children, your grandchildren and beyond.

ANd while all of this has been ramped up since the arrival of Barack Obama, the left has also begun to make it fashionable to quash the free speech rights of true Christian Conservatives. Homosexuality(in all it’s flavors) has become Avante Gard in this modern 21st-century culture.

And so, you can see where all of this is going, can’t you?

In order for their evil plan to reach their desired apex, they are systematically attempting to demonize Christians, and paint them as the new Nazis and fascists. ANd while they abuse and mangle the word “tolerance”, they completely forget the meaning of the word when it comes to faithful Christians. Their aim is to exterminate Christians and Christianity, which by definition means that these people are actively serving the cause of AntiChrist.

And while they go about pursuing that very agenda, statistics show that many of not most so-called “Christians” don’t even believe there is an AntiChrist. Many don’t believe in the virgin birth, the resurrection or the ascension of Christ. In other words, there aren’t as many true Christians as many may think.

The war on Christianity is not coming to America. It is already here, and it has been going on for more than 100 years. A lack of faith and vigilance within the true church is to blame for allowing this evil to spread throughout our land.

Is it too late for us to stop this? Have we squandered our chance to push back against the evil one? I must continue to believe that it is not too late, because otherwise, why are we here?

The news media will try to convince you that our defeat is a fait accompli. They make bogus predictions about elections in an atte,pt to discourage US from following through and voting. They attempt to demoralize. But we are not defeated. As 2016 proved, our ability to vote and stand against the left trumps their wishful thinking every time.

But further than just politics, our fate depends on the GRACE of GOD, and nothing else!

As is necessary from time to time, I need some time on Mt. Sinai. I need a chance to detoxify myself from the din of the media, to reconnect with God, cleanse my mind and body and soul, and refresh myself in the living waters of the gospel of Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

I need to fast and pray. I need true rest. I need a break to restore myself. After 5 years of shows, after countless surgeries, procedures, tests, treatments and mountains of medication, I need to find that rare thing called sleep.

I feel like a stranger in a strange land.

I feel often alone. I sometimes feel abandoned and betrayed by people who I believed were on board for the long haul. I feel like a lone soldier stranded on an island, whose company left without them.

We as Christians must learn to lean on God, and on each other.

In the days of Wagon Trains, There was a common wisdom that prevailed. If something was really precious and valuable and you didn’t want to lose it on the trail, you made shure it was lashed down securely to the wagon bed. You tied it down very securely, to assure that once you reached your destination, everything you values was there with you.

IN the church today, people have fallen off the wagon. For people to be safe and secure and assured they would finish the journey, they had to renew their effort to hold on tightly, and not be lost at the first bump or wagon wheel rut. Being a child of God, you have to commit to it every day. If you take a day off, it can soon become a week, a month, a year, and suddenly you are looking all around, wondering where that wagon is.

Please stick with us, gang.

God loves all of us, and He is not willing that any should perish. So please, as the Apostle Paul told the Galatians, “Grow not weary in well doing”. And as he instructed Timothy: “Study to show thyself approved, a workman, unashamed, rightly dividing the Word of God”.

Next week Wednesday, I will begin a week-long Bible study. I pray you can make time for this. ANd I ask you to pray for me as I attempt to prepare lessons which will edify, clarify, bless and encourage each of you in your personal walk.

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