The Charlottesville Conspiracy: Media and Left-wing Coordinated Chaos

Soros-funded false-flag in Charlottesville coordinated with Media and political leaders.

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There was never any doubt in my mind that the Charlottesville event which descended into violence and chaos was a manufactured event designed to artificially create an association in the public mind between conservative patriots and white supremacists.

Now for some facts up-front:

1- Why have we never heard the media refer to BLM as a “black supremacist group”?

2- Conservative Christians loathe Nazis and everything they stand for.

3- The counter-protesters were coordinated through the political machinery of Barack Obama and were funded by George Soros.

4- The neo-nazis with their swastikas and and their ridiculous hate=speech signs were coordinated through the political machinery of Barack Obama and were funded by George Soros.

5- The democratic officials in Charlottesville gave stand-down orders to police, even after the organizers of the rally had coordinated with the police department to keep the marchers and the counter-protesters separated. The police instead failed to intervene and allowed the melee too occur without lifting a finger to try to stop it.

6- None of the original coordinators of the rally in Charlottesville were associated with any neo-Nazi group or sympathizers.

7- The vehicular attack that killed one and injured many more was immediately condemned by the rally organizers and has been rightly declared to be an act of one homicidal maniac.

Now, ask yourself why the news media have failed to dig into the facts as outlined above? Oh, that’s right, the news media is much more concerned with preserving a narrative than they are with getting the facts straight.

Now, I might be wrong, but the instant I saw the first reports Saturday, everything naturally clicked in my brain,. Of course this was a false-flag event. When a group of perhaps 200 demonstrators who lawfully got their permits and acted within their rights as legal permit-holding demonstrators broke no laws, and were well within their legal rights to protect themselves when a band of lawless counter-protesters from Antifa and Black Lives Matter began attacking, throwing stones, bottles of urine, pepper-spray and whatever else they had on them to incite the violent clash that followed.

They were also armed with bats, clubs, and an assortment of other weapons as they initiated the attacks that rapidly got out of hand., The Charlottesville Police Department has participated with the rally organizers to devise a strategy to keep them separated from any counter-demonstrators. One musty surmise from the fact that the police instead did absolutely nothing to mean that the authorities, from the mayor to the police chief, ordered them to stand down.

This was also the case in Ferguson, Missouri, and in Baltimore, Maryland when violent demonstrations broke out following the Michael Brown and Freddy Gray incidents. The order to police to stand-down has been utilized by the left as a tool to portray white people as instigators, and to empower groups like BLM and Antifa to act with impunity.

Now, because of courageous reporting from the radio hosts at Red State Talk Radio, The Liberty Eagle, Infowars and many others, the facts will be heard. The attempt to tar-and-feather the alt-right with the radical socialist(Nazi) movement will fail. The truth will prevail, because we will not allow the false narratives of the corporate-globalist media will not go unchallenged.

Charlottesville was a stage Saturday, and the bad actors who took that stage were paid professional thugs. They were paid by the chief purveyors of hate, George Soros and Barack Obama. The issue of race in America has become a bone of contention only because of the agitator-in-chief, Barack Obama.

Make no mistake, the clash Saturday was left-wing political theater.

The consequences of the inaction of police Saturday in Charlottesville resulted in escalation of violence,m and while one can never know, it is likely that the vehicle attack might have never happened had police been allowed to keep distance between the lawful demonstrators and the law-breaking violent black activists who instigated the violence.

If Black Lives really Mattered to the politicians in Charlottesville, the police would have been allowed to keep the peace, instead of simply having a front-row seat to the street-fight that broke out.

TRUTH must be told. It cannot prevail unless YOU share the facts with everybody you know.

The role played by Barack Obama in the violence Saturday is best summed up by a quote from his statement Saturday after the fact, a twisted quote of Nelson Mandela, which explains all too well the warped mentality of Obama and his poilitical machinery:

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion … People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love… …For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite,” Mr. Obama sent in a series of three tweets.