The day after Christmas from Frigid Falls with Dr. Mark Davis!

The day after Christmas, and the landscape is a blanket of pure white snow as far as the eye can see. Talk about a Christmasy Christmas weekend! Our snow started Friday, and it wasn’t supposed to amoun to much more than an inch or two.

But the weatherman was, SHOCKINGLY, wrong. Saturday was a day of snow, all day. Then Sunday arrived. Beautiful. And then Sunday the snow started again in the afternoon.  It came and went. Then Monday arrived and it snowed all day long, well into the late evening hours.


The total damage was in the vicinity of 18 inches of snow. Frozen, cold, no slush, just lots of fluffy snow and temps in the low single digits.

So aside from the wintry weather, we have a heck of a show for you today. Dr. Mark Davis will be with us, as we discuss the latest news, including the American economy showing signs of robust growth as the policies of President Trump have sparked a renaissance in industry and entrepreneurs are daring to act on their dreams and visions.

We’ve got the latest news, the best opinions, and we will prove to everybody why America was spared from the collectivist’s guillotine when Donald Trump won the presidency!

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