The Exceptional Friday Extravaganza LIVE 04-09-2021 LIVE 3-5PM ET

Friday, April 9th 2021:

When I woke up Thursday morning, I wasn’t feeling too good. In fact, I felt pretty rotten. It wasn’t that I was doubled over in pain. No, it was more like I had to sit down every couple seconds to prevent me from losing my balance. And as the day wore on, I felt more and more depleted. Sparing the details, let’s just say I lost weight yesterday.

And thanks to the modern technology we use here, I was able to work through it.

But at my age, I cannot afford to take wellness for granted. So, I am planning on making some major changes to my health regimen. I will update in the days and weeks to follow. I like aggravating leftists and lib-tards way too much to risk not being able to do the show as often as I can.

But for the record, let me tell you this about my health:

JJ’s time-line in pictures: Follow the bouncing ball, and you can see the way the past 9 years have taken a toll on me:

About two months after my heart attack, in May, 2012.

9 years ago I had a heart attack. It was a Widow-maker, and I was very fortunate that I survived tro get a stent placed in my left main coronary artery. Since then, I have had multiple MRSA infections, diabetic ulcers on both feet that required surgery. I nearly lost my right foot to a MRSA infection and osteomyelitis. Miraculous healing came in the form of a wound-vac and some very dedicated professionals at the wound care center at Great Plains Regional Hospital.

This was about the worst of it, around the time of the biopsy, and diagnosis of Leukemia. On the heels of the multiple MRSA infection, the life-flight to Denver, and the subsequent problems with my legs. I was weak, tired and not quite sure what the next day would bring.

After the MRSA infections, my legs were never “normal” again. persisten swelling, pain, and a feeling of restriction in my range of motion. After lots of shoulder-0shrugs from several doctors, I managed to get someone to take my concerns seriously enough to order some tests. CT scans, MRI’s, and those showed something going on in my groinal area.

They sent me to get a biopsy. The biopsy revealed I have a form of leukemia( Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia) and without fully explaining to me how this would affect me, it was understood that it certainly wasn’t GOOD news. It can affect the immune system.

Around December, 2015. This was after I was a licensed, bonafide HAM Radio operator. A Bucket-list item for sure!

After that news settled in, I encountered some serious complications. Once, my paracardium filled with fluid, resulting in severe congestive heart failure. My blood pressure was down to about 60/40. They tossed me on a helicopter bound for Aurora Colorado where my cardiologist practices. They wheeled me intpo the catheter lab and drained a lot of fluid/blood off my heart. Things got better fast after that.

This was perhaps at the point where I was at my weakest. Everything felt like a marathon. all these years later, I see light at the end of the tunnel. Now just to get there intact!!

Then, one last crisis, when months later, on my birthday in 2014, I couldn’t breathe!! Across the street to the emergency room, they did a CT scan, and the experts spotted multiple blood clots in both lobes of both lungs. So they put me on blood thinners, since then, I have not had to spend even one night in a hospital bed.

Among the keys to keeping spirits up, I believe we should surround ourselves with things that lift our spirits. As a way of doing this, I moved my studio downstairs in 2017. I am a former broadcast engineer, and part of my passion came from the great equipment i worked with in my heyday. So I managed to acquire some vintage equipment, and built me new studio as the ultimate for a relic like me! The broadcast console was bound for scrap when I picked it up for a very cheap price. It took me three years to recondition it, m0ove it into position and install it. and never far from reach is my comparative study bible. The chaos in the background never really goes away, it just moves from spot to spot. But that is motivation for the work that remains to be done. five years ago, I could not have even considered doing what I have done the past three years. all while continuing to do the show. When you wake up in the morning feeling like I do most days, this represents a HUGE victory!!

I am highly motivated to continue avoiding hospitals and disease in as many ways as possible.


Today is a gift from God. I will thank HIM for every single minute!

Today I focus on what I CAN do. Even if it seems miniscule to men, it can be anointed by God to be of great significance!

Today I know I fall short of the mark. But I am not saved by good works. None of us are, but by the grace of God and the righteousness of Jesus, our redeemer!