The Friday Extravaganza is LIVE! Here comes a SCORCHING HOT show about…NOTHING?!!!


Ready for the weekend? Trying to beat the heat? Well, that’s the trick, isn’t it? According to the insane lefty-wing, the planet is trying to kill us! nd it’s all Trump’s fault, or anybody who voted for him, or some such complete ROT!!!

Here is how you beat the het: You LISTEN to The JJ McCartney Show, and stay plugged in after the live show for The Reunion Station…the coolest tunes from the coolest decades in Rock and Roll history! Hey, it’s always worked for us!! And if you HAVE a pool, with some shade, and something cold to drink, that certainly will not hurt either!

Who remembers the good old days of high school back in the 70’s or 80’s? The soundtrack of your childhood, where afros and elevator shoes gave way to mullets and 4-wheel drives? Where cougar turned into Mellencamp, where Jefferson Airplane became Starship, where Don McLean served up the American Pie, while the Brothers Johnson sang Strawberry Letter 23, and Frampton Showed us the way, while Skynyrd gave us 3 steps and Molly Hatchet was flirtin’ with disaster! Thankfully Toto was staying cool with Rosanna and Africa while Crosby, Stills and Nash were Wasted on the Way to the Southern Cross. Men at Work was coming up from Down Under, and Van Halen was rocking Spandex and Heart was anything but BeBe LeStrange!

Today we talk about ANYTHING EXCEPT the news. You’ve heard that NO NEWS is GOOD NEWS, right?

Well, we are going to avoid news like the plague today, and talk about who we are, how we became who we are, and what we remember about the good old days!

JJ and the Mysterious Colonel will kick things off, and Trade Martin will join us in hour 2. Join us as we enjoy some peace, quiet and we dwell on the GOOD in this world!

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