The Friday Extravaganza LIVE with the Mysterious Colonel- Stories from the shadowy past!!!

As we embark on this TGIF Friday Extravaganza, we would like to remind everybody that there are many people still suffering greatly from the effects of the California wildfires which displace so many people. Please pray for these people, and so many more who have suffered from the ravages of war, starvation, terrorism, and please help in any way you can in extending a hand to those in need.

OK Fellow American patriots and freedom lovers. Today we will be sharing only stories we find in the mainstream media that are true and factual.

In other words, it will be a very short show. If we find the media sadly lacking in the truth-telling portion of the show, then the Mysterious Colonel and I will begin telling childhood stories(true or kind of true) for the purpose of keeping everybody riveted for two h0urs.

No, seriously, some of the adventures of the Colonel and JJ McCartney are treasures of the way America used to be.

Hear the Colonel’s favorite stories LIVE!
Hear JJ’s WILD Alaska tales!

Okay, we may even let callers tell their stories. But fair warning, if they are not true, funny, and amusing, we’ll give it the thumbs-up or thumbs-down!

It’s the CURE for the Common Show. The JJ McCartney Shopw airs weekdays at, Red STate Talk Radio, with live streaming video on YouTube and FacebookLive from 3-5pm ET