The great CURE for America- Thursday January 31st 2019 on The JJ McCartney Show

So evidently, the mythological man-made global warming trend is taking a bit of a rest.

While record cold in the mid-west and the eastern US has created more talk of the Polar Vortex, the charlatans like Al Gore are still insisting all this cold is the fault of WARMING.

And just who are we, the people who can see and feel and hear and think are chuckling among ourselves because we have always known it was all a load of manure.

Here we sit, fending off the arctic blasts, we need to to understand all the dynamics that effect weather. The top factors are solar activity(we are in the midst of a solar minimum, which means cooler temperatures).

There are many other factors that the climate charlatans cannot seem to grasp. Voclanic activity, seismic activity(vents on the ocean floor), and subtly shifting poles) , shifting currents, all can and do occur naturally regardless of the activities of mankind.

The net effect of humans on the global temperature is, in a word, insignificant.

The planet will do what the planet will do. We are not in control of the weather in the big picture.

Now, let’s talk about who IS in control of the world’s weather, and everything else!

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