The JJ McCartney Show: Trump’s Tax victory has markets smashing records! + Carl Gallups!

Trump victory on Tax Reform has

Markets Smashing Records!

Friday’s victory in the Senate, passing tax cuts has markets moving upward with exceeding optimism, now that corporate tax rates will be lowered to compete with other industrialized nations.

The measure passed in the senate Friday on a 51-49 vote, with all but one Republican senator voting “yea”, and all Democrats voting “nay”.

The measure makes it to President Trump’s desk for his signature just as the President was needing a victory in Washington, after nearly a full year of obstruction from both bitter partisan Democrats and from equally bitter and churlish behavior from GOP senators and leaders in Congress.

Had the measure failed, it is theorized the stock market would have taken a sharp tumble, because corporate tax rates in America were the highest in the industrialized world, and the jobs platform President Trump ran on was contingent on tax reform.

During Trump’s 11 months in office, the markets have gained nearly $8 Trillion dollars in value.

Mueller Investigative Team rife with Obama loyalists and Clinton donors.

As the witch hunt known as the Mueller Investigation slogs on with no evidence and no substance, it is becoming clearer that Robert Mueller’s team was hand-picked to steer the investigation toward a foregone conclusion which is turning pout to be as false as Bill Clinton’s marital vows.

According to the Daily Caller, this team has been compromised from the word go:

“For nearly four months, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, the Justice Department and the FBI have kept secret the fact that the FBI agent who oversaw the Russia investigation exchanged anti-Trump and pro-Hillary Clinton text messages with an FBI attorney who was also his mistress.

Those messages, the existence of which were revealed in bombshell reports published over the weekend, highlight a pattern of the Mueller team.

The discovery could also undermine the integrity of Mueller’s expansive investigation. That’s because Strzok is the FBI agent picked in July 2016 to supervise the then-fledgling investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

Strzok’s central role in the probe is already raising questions about how and why the collusion investigation was opened in the first place.”

Bestselling Author Carl Gallups joins JJ McCartney LIVE in Hour 2!

Join us also for our special guest in Hour 2, bestselling author and Pastor Carl Gallups, whose latest book, “Gods and Thrones” is storming up the bestseller list! We’ll talk about the theme of the book, and also the anecdotal and intrinsic evidence that the forces of evil loosed in the world today are using the internet and modern technology to target America’s children, through a godless education system and through the encouragement of  deviant sexual behavior and experimentation which is proving to be damaging to the most precious segment of our population.

We’ll talk about the manner with which Christians are being targeted for persecution based on their fundamental beliefs, and the principles upon which the United States was founded.

We’ll take your phone calls too, so join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET at or listen live at Red State Talk Radio.