The Monday Crud: America’s moral septic tank needs emptying!

I can’t bring myself to look at the headlines today. It’s all just too much. At the age of 55, I feel as though I have been transported to a planet I do not belong in. I cannot understand how a society can get this depraved, this immoral, this evil.

Yet there it is, all around me. America is obsessed with self. America is obsessed with sex. America is obsessed with deviant sexual behavior.

America is obsessed with a brand of gossip which turns my stomach.

And there, leading the charge is the news media. If people would stop to see the irony here it would probably strike them as funnily odd that a man like Anderson Cooper, a homosexual is conducting an interview with a woman who has sex in front of cameras for a living to give her a chance to talk about an alleged sexual dalliance with the President back before he was even a candidate for office seems crass.

Is this really news? After the Clinton/Lewinsky affair, is anything truly relevant any more regarding what a president does sexually?

It was a democrat governor in Louisiana generations ago who proudly bragged about his re-election chances “There’s only one way I lose this election, if I get caught in bed with a dead woman or a live boy”.

And yet, here is CBS, the network that gave us Dan Rather faking an attack on him in an airport, the same network that thought it was a good idea to put Katie Couric in charge of their news department, the same network that brought us Charlie Rose on morning TV acting grandfatherly on camera while playing grab-ass with the hired help, now is tarring and feathering the President because of what is purported to be a garden-variety heterosexual act between consenting adults.

In the year 2018 how is this news? Did Mr. Trump ever represent himself to the American people as Mother Teresa or as a saint? The hubris of the president was never in question, was it?

The network has a history of aggressively pursuing salacious gossip and sexually charged expose’s, the juicier the better to boost sagging ratings.

So whatever happened to those in the media who claimed that the Lewinsly affair was between Bill and Hillary and was their “private life”?

If it didn’t matter then, why should it matter now?

Instead of pursuing Seth Rich’s murderer, let’s keep pressing the false narrative that is, as they used to say, between Donald and Melania.

Instead of asking Hillary why she obstructed justice and destroyed mountains of evidence, talk about Trump and sex.

Instead of honestly analyzing the direct link between Islam and terrorism, this hideous thing called media would rather pollute the airwaves with smut. How typically American.

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