The Monday Run-down: The day before the fake pollsters again look like morons!


OK people. Once again we stare at a Monday before an election.

The last time we were here it was two years ago. Everybody in the mainstream media punditry was dead wrong, and I and many of my fellow independent media voices got it right.

Does that make me a “wizard of smart”? Well, certainly it means I was right then. Two years later, what has changed?

Well, unemployment is at 50-year low for Hispanics and Blacks. GDP is UP. U.S. Manufacturing adds 1000 new jobs a day.

The evidence is clear. President Trump has brought America back from a jobs crisis, and has eased the tax burden in America, freeing up ample dollars for hiring, re-investing in infrastructure, and allowing consumers to start turning the wheels in retail business.

Things have never been perfect, and they are not perfect now. But they are heading in the right direction. That has GOT to count for more than anti-trump hate-speech by the petty, lying left.

Tuesday will answer many questions, and God-willing we will as a nation reject the bad behavior of the left, and send a vote of confidence to our President, to encourage him to stay the course.

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