The Monday Rundown: America chooses Trump, rejects Grammy’s lame-brained political bullshit

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Americans chose to ignore the Grammy awards last night. Why? Because Americans are witnessing the greatest growth in prosperity and mericans are recognizing that the policies of President Donald Trump are WORKING, while Hollywood has gone off the deep end with their idiotic, cruel, and radical messaging.

Elitist snobbery coupled with untalented, unfunny, and unintelligent mouthpieces for the political left have left most Americans recognizing the left for what they are: complete worthless pieces of human garbage.

Sure, we could ac t magnanimous in the face of such blatant partisan condescension from a group that believes they are intelligent, when in fact they are nothing but drones for the evil, globalist demons like George Soros and Oprah.

Grammy awards set all-time low ratings. Americans are sick and tired of b-list celebrities daring to step in front of cameras and microphones and dain to tell YOU and ME how we should think about issues far more complex than hip-hop jive.

America sent a clear message to Hollywood last night. And that message was: Go screw yourselves.

Politics should be for the intellectually capable. Not for the emotionally disturbed. THAT is what merica was saying last night by not watching a group of emotionally disturbed dumb-asses having a slap each-other on the back leftist wet-dream.


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