The Return of Rassooli: IQ is BACK from his trip!

IQ Al Rassooli returns from his yearly disinfecting from Islam, and will share with us details of his trip to the Holy Land.

Topping the news today, more media bullshit as Mueller closes his office with a parting shot at the President, stating he couldn’t clear POTUS of obstruction(to the satisfaction of the stupid lib-tards).

Meanwhile the alarmist radical corporate-controlled globalist media is trying to stoke fears of a recession, by any means necessary. Even Matt Drudge now appears to be under their thumb!

He’s the next John McCain!!!

We now know who the next John McCain wanna-be is. His name is Justin Amash from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a republican congressman who is criticizing GOP leadership, claiming he has read the entire Mueller report and that Americans want President Trump impeached.

Sure to be the next politician to appear on Colbert, Amash is a media whore craving that special love from democrat lib-tards.

And CBS news thinks it has spotted the new “smoking gun” by catching airmen wearing patches on their uniforms which say “Make Aircrew Great Again”. CBS believed they are breaking DOD policy.

So they caught military members “liking Trump”.

Snowflake media at work. at CBS.

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