Thinking out loud: It’s time for us to stand fast on our faith, and not panic, or allow the left-wing media’s concerted efforts to destroy the President shake our confidence in Trump

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Just as they tried to declare his candidacy wouldn’t last, they arte now pretending that his time in office is short. You MUST NOT allow these globalists and their pure evil plan to succeed!

They are savagely and brutally attacking for just one reason: Trump is not anybody’s lackey. His effort from day one has been to keep his promises to we, the people. The Deep State is very intolerant of people whpo mean what they say, and who put the PROPLE above the “power-brokers” and this is why they are spreading lie upon lie, and they are ignoring Trump’s 51% approval rating, and that arrogance and impudence on the part of the radical left-wing will be their downfall.

The PEOPLE will determine where America goes, and Americans are sick and fed up with the evil agenda of the left. National security, sovereignty and freedom will only continue if WE stand by our President and we defy the globalist attempt to nullify the expressed will of the voters.

Now is the time to hit back hard against the Comeys, the Clintons, the Obamas, and the Soros machinery which has been devised to enslave Americans and make serfs out of the working-class.

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