Thursday April 29th 2021: JJ McCartney delivers what AMERICA WANTS: NO BIDEN, NONE OF THE TIME!!!

JJ McCartney is LIVE from 3 to 5pm(ET) today with the news and commentary America wants and needs as we deal with the communist, globalist imposters attempting to inflict harm on the United States and her people.

We didnm’t watch the poser speak last night because he is unworthy of even one minute of my time. What, did anybody expect him to start telling the truth of start listening to the voice of the PEOPLE?

It’s all a rigged game right now. Nothing productive can come from listening to these America-hating “woke” leftists pandering to the voters of color while attempting to rob from honest working-class citizens.

So no, we didn’t watch the speech, and we aren’t going to waste ouir time dissecting it, because it is all foolishness and a shameless sell-out to Obama, Soros, Gates, Fauci and the globalist fascists in control of the mainstream media and social media giants.

So we are now streaming LIVE video at Caravan to Midnight – Browse All Episodes (

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