Thursday April 5th: Putin inks deal with Turkey, Iran as tensions remain high

Putin signs  deal with Turkey and Iran. The Geopolitical implications, as tensions in the Middle East remain high.

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From the Middle East, to London, where Mayor Sadiq Khan’s shoddy policies have turned its hospitals into “war-zones”, according to one surgeon. Violent crime in London has jumped to unprecedented levels under the Muslim mayor.

Elsewhere, California has given more than 1,000,000 drivers licenses to Illegal Aliens. How many of those 1,000,000 voted in the 2016 election? Officials say “let me get back to you on that”.

And as the trade war heats up between China and the United States last year was a record trade deficit, underscoring the importance of correcting the trade policies of past administrations. And will there be a NEW NAFTA agreement soon? The Trump administration says yes.

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