Thursday April 9th 2020: Good News buried by media, more fear-mongering alarmist clap-trap.

Anybody who is stuck at home, unable to work, and subjected to nothing but main-stream media is being bombarded by false narratives and globalist-generated propaganda. This is clearly a psychological attack, a psy-op against working-class Americans.

So the question is obvious: WHY do we allow the media to continue their assault on the people, the President and the TRUTH?

TRUTH is harder and harder to find in the media, while it is what we deal in every day here. So shut down the mainstream media and help us spread TRUTH to the masses. This world is getting more dangerous by the minute for anybody who has been brainwashed by the media and the culture to blindly obey the talking-heads on TV.

And of course, as the Bible explains, the TRUTH will set you FREE!

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