Thursday August 1st 2019- Debates expose Democrats in complete disarray, are just a big mess

It’s quite clear: The Democrats have no vision for the future. They spend their debates arguing about the past, and failing to establish any real core values.

It’s clear that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are both members of the over-the-hill gang, while none of the other candidates can gain any traction.

And Fatheads like Michael Moore are begging Michelle Obama to throw he/she’s hat in the ring, but that isn’t likely, especially as more damning evidence is revealed that the Obama White House was busy with Hillary manufacturing the whole Russian Collusion fairy tale and pushing it on the Justice Department.

No doubt internal polling had showed Obama that Trump was going to win, and so they all started panicking, desperate for some scheme to try to steal the election. THAT was what the whole Russia Collusion narrative was for.

If Michelle Obama tries to run, there are plenty more smoking-gun revelations to come, especially now that Bill Barr is investigating the origins of the fake Russia Collusion investigation.

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