Thursday August 20th 2020: Commencing with year 8, exposing the biggest traitor in history

Evil Incarnate: Barack Obama is the embodiment of hate, deception and hypocrisy. He’s also full of excrement.

Never in our nation’s history has there ever been a more divisive, ego-maniacal, evil and classless president than 44. BHO showed his true nature with his graceless, ridiculous and self-aggrandizing speech for the DNC’s faux-convention.

BHO never tried to do anything to heal any divisions for 8 years. He did everything he could to tear down our most precious American family values, to force-feed LGBTQ on all of society, and to destroy the best health-care system in the world, lying every step of the way with “If you like it you can keep it”.

And now he slanders President Trump, who has actually done what real leaders do: keep his oath, and fight for America first!

BHO can rot in hell(Or Gitmo). He does not deserve to have a platform, not after he betrayed Americans in Benghazi, paid $150Billion to Iran, and weaponized the Intelligence apparatus of the USA and then spied on his successor, and criminally attempted to undermine President Trump.

BHO is a treasonous mouthpiece for George Soros and the globalist cabal undermining ALL of America.

In America’s history, such lecherous anti-American activity was met with a trip to the gallos, or a simple collection of men with firearms, facing a wall, and training their sites on such a traitor.

Those were the good old days when justice actually worked.

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