Thursday: Blake was my friend. Its gonna be a good day.

I woke up this morning feeling like a tennis show in the dryer.

As I was clearing the cobwebs from myy head, I got the message. A friend of mine died. One of my best friends. He was my attorney at one time. He was a family man, and he always had a smile and a good word to say when I would run into him around town.

I got to know him when I was the play-by-play sortscaster covering our hometown high school football and basketball games. I covered his kids playing ┬áball. And he was always there. We would get together at the local car dealership on Saturday mornings for the coaches’ show. He never missed even one.

He was 55 years old. I do not know the cause of death, but I imagine it was something sudden and unexpected, as the last time I saw him, he looked well.

As I dealt with that news, I found an email in my in-box from someone who I have grown to appreciate. They were upset with me because they said I had failed to say “thank-you” to them for donations they had made to this show.

I immediately went back in my mind, and was sure I had said thanks. I checked my email sent items and found that yes, indeed, I had sent them a heart-felt thank you over a month ago.

I told them they need to check their spam filter.

I jumped out of bed, and decided that taking a rest today was just not gonna happen.

SO here I am. Ready for whatever else comes my way today. Today’s show is dedicated to my friend Blake. He was a good man. He was a friend. He was a good father and he was born only a few months before I was in 1962.

Rest in peace, Blake.