Thursday December 13th The real news, sharp wit and biting commentary. BRILLIANCE!

Okay, news-fans. Thursday has arrived, and we are all having a hard time concentrating on the news and the n0rmal crud you see on the Fake News…because we are too busy getting into the spirit of Christmas, and the smell of pumpkin bread, fresh-baked bread, hot chocolate, and the sound of decorating.

Yes, we are celebrating the day commemorated as the birth of Jesus, and the promise 0f eternal life He brings with him.




As for the news? Do any of you believe that any of the stories in the headlines today on Fox, CNN, MSNBC or the alphabet networks are going to be important when the trumpet sounds?

Life is not meant to be spent worrying. It is meant to be spent LIVING, loving, caring and sharing.

So let’s all memorize the phrase of the day: “in 100 years, how important will THIS be?”

If you know Jesus and your personal Lord and Savior, you are called on a new mission! No longer to be consumed by fear, self-interest or an agenda that strays from God’s call for walking in obedience and being the SALT and the LIGHT in this world

So…lets remember to be optimistic. Look for the good in this world instead of just seeing the evil. The lightness will stand out clearly from the darkness, And then? Watch what God does!!

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