Thursday February 6th 2020: Back in the Saddle- Saluting Rush Limbaugh LIVE 3-5pm ET JJ Rides Again

Butt-hurt left spewing venom after Trump Triumphant in Senate!

After President Trump’s acquittal yesterday, the venom-spewing left became even more defiant. Inexplicably, the hate-mongering left continues to act like victors, even after being roundly defeated in the Senate.

On the heels of the ridiculously corrupted Iowa Democrat caucuses Monday, the Democrats are a party in such complete disarray and riddled with such incompetence from top to bottom, that there will be no recovering from their narrow and radical vision for the United States. They would rather curse the light and live in the darkness. And the American People see their pettiness and bitter hatred for America very clearly, because it contrasts so dramatically with the clear vision that President Trump shared at the SOTU.

JJ McCartney will break it all down for you LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET today after several days out sick. JJ is BACK and loaded for BEAR!! Joins us at and Red State Talk Radio