Thursday, January 20th, 2022: We need your help! An appeal from JJ McCartney

Today on The JJ McCartney Show:

We have stumbled into so very rough waters here at The JJ McCartney Show. And yes, we desperately need help from any who are able.

They say sometimes bad things come in 3’s. So it seems this week, as we have learned that several of our loved ones have been stricken with Covid. And not to exaggerate the situation, it seems that we too have been affected this week as at least two of us in the McCartney household are fighting the effects.

The symptoms seem pretty straight-forward. Exhaustion, fatigue, Sinus/Throat soreness, difficulty breathing and very little stamina. And finicky eater’s syndrome.

And yes, we do need your prayers for our whole family, incuding our relatives from Michigan, Alaska, Minnesota and here in Nebraska.

I wish that were all we needed. But we were confronted with a major appliance failure, and we need help to get it replaced.

And we have also come upon an urgent need regarding our free IOS App. The folks at Apple have removed our app from the app store, and so we will have to resubmit the app and see how long that process takes. and like everything these days, it costs money to do this.

We have been running on fumes financially for a long time. When we find ourselves inundated by past due bills, emergencies and then add the never-ending Covid lunacy, and stress from just doing this show every day, it is tempting to just throw up my hands and give up on doing the show. But I know that is NOT the right thing to do.

We just have to rely on the grace of God, the kindness of strangers and the ever-abiding faith that we will find a way.

We need to raise funds fast. If we can find 30 people who are willing to donate $50 that will aid us greatly. So how can you help?

yes, these are trying times. I believe as a community of patriots and faithful Christians, God will meet our needs. We trust in God, and we trust in you. please help us reach out to more people and fill the gaps in our hour of need.

And now, the news…

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