Thursday July 1st 2021: The JJ McCartney Show LIVE 3-5pm ET Look, Mom, NO PRIDE!!!!

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JJ has a few words for those who hate on our flag, and we’ve got plenty of news to digest.

And we’ll look ahead as we anticipate the next move of the globalists as they try to scare people back into their masks and lockdowns with nonsense about “variants” and fear tactics that try to dissuade people from living as free people as we approach the 4th of July.

Now, what else could possibly be going on in America today? Drought? Water crisis in California? Heatwaves? Tropical Storms? Floods? Crazy weather? And let me guess…it’s “NEVER BEEN THIS HOT BEFORE”? Says who?

The fact is that the globalists are trying to condition people into voluntarily surrendering to things like brownouts, black-outs and FEAR. DO NOT BUY IT!!

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