Thursday July 25th 2019- Dissecting the fake news- The Vast Left-wing conspiracy

After the embarrassing epic fail yesterday featuring the stammering, stumbling incoherence of Robert Mueller, the defiant and ridiculous democrats simply will not be dissuaded from attacking the President. Their effort to tar-and-feather the results of the 2016 election as illegitimate now takes on the most moronic turn, as the left ignores the facts in deference to their false narrative, all spun from lies and deception from Hillary Clinton’s team of crooks and shady figures around the world.

But here in the real world, the President is winning, because he has been an effective leader, guiding America to economic stability and prosperity in spite of the spiteful left and their hate-m0ngering.

The Truth, unstained by the smears of the Democrats, remains the solid rock.

The accusers have refused to see the witch-hunt for what it is: the byproduct of the bile and bitterness of defeat, delivered by the voters of America.

The Democrats should get used to that vile taste of defeat. It will be the only thing on their menu come November of 2020.

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