Thursday June 10th 2021: JJ McCartney is on a roll!! Thursday News, Comment and MUCH MORE



JJ McCartney is serving up some true nuggets today on The JJ McCartney Show! In fact, what we are talking about today is more valuable than any precious metal or rare gem!

Can you see what they are trying to do to freedom, your rights, and the ability for free people to earn a living?

The posers, crooks and phonies in D.C. do not have any power or right to restrict your freedom. The Constitution is not an obsolete relic, it is a powerful blue print! If Americans will only adhere to it, we can defeat the lame-brained, the greedy and the evil louses who seek to enslave us with their punitive taxes, their restrictive regulations and their plan to “engineer” freedom out of existence in America.

How do we withstand their onslaught of misinformation, their evil murderous plans, and their godless moral vaccum?

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It starts with us getting our lives right with God. There is only one way to do that. Can you face up to that? Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No Man cometh to the Father but by me”.

Place your faith in Jesus, and change your life forever!

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