Thursday June 4th 2020: Asymmetrical Warfare 2020- Globalists use racial strife as tool of war against U.S. Constitution

Globalists Soros/Obama stage riots to try to weaken America’s econmy and civil society on the heels of Covid 19 devastation.

Ahhhhh, the main stream media will call us tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists. But that would require everyone to ignore all of the evidence that is amassing which proves there is nothing organic about the violence and criminal waves of attacks on our urban corridors. It’s all very organized and well-funded.

Antifa is the terrorist organization being used by these globalist pigs to try to steal America’s immediate future economically as they try try to appeal to the lowest common denominator in the inner-cities: Poverty. They are trying to convince poor, godless people to steal, loot, and destroy.

Of course President Trump is right to use the military to drive out this lawlessness and insurgency. The democrats in power in these cities and states should all be charged with gross 9ncompetence and negligence in failing to enforce the law and protect their citizens.


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