Thursday June 7th 2018: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods, Calamity. An Angry Planet in turmoil: Kilauea eruption is ‘major threat’ to residents of Hawaii. What the government isn’t saying today on The JJ McCartney how

All about Kilauea, Del Fuego, Earthquakes, and what comes next?

Join us for a special edition of The JJ McCartney hopw as we turn our focus to the major events unfolding on the big island of Hawaii, Guatemala, and what to expect in the coming days and weeks as the situation has developed into a major threat to the residents of the big island of Hawaii,

We’ll, also have updates¬† on the unfolding tragedy in Guatemala in the aftermath of the eruption of Fuego volcano. and we’ll have a look at the seismic activity around the world, and what it portends for residents of the west coast of the United States, and we ask a simple question: Can you predict earthquakes?

Plus whatever breaks during the shopw, we’ll give you real-time updates from 3 to 5pm ET.

Put on your geologist’s hard-hats, for this special edition of The JJ McCartney Show LIVE at and Red State Talk Radio!