Thursday March 19th 2020: GOOD news for GOOD people! STANDING TOGETHER in FAITH

Today is Vernal Equinox. That is, the beginning of Spring, when more of the sun’s rays land above the equator. Regardless of the bleakness of a late winter storm, soon flowers will emerge from their slumbering. Soon grasses will turn green. Soon life will be renewed and invigorated, temperatures will warm, and people will begin thriving again in America and all around the world!

And we as God’s children are obligated to keep the faith, and never cower to the fear promoted by the fear-mongers of the world. So many people talking about “how bad things could get” are just ridiculous prophets of doom. God still reigns, and we as His children owe it to our children and grandchildren to keep on living meaningful and productive lives, and never surrender to the frenzied voices of doom-declaring talking head in the media.

America will survive. And we will be a stronger people by persevering through whatever real crisis might unfold. But let us never give in to the imagined crisis the media has tried to project upon us.

As many have already called for worldwide prayer, I will ask you all to join us at the end of today’s show for a special minute of prayer for our people, our nation, our leaders and our fellow man. We are all here for a reason. God will not forsake us. He will be glorified, for HE IS GOD ALMIGHTY!!

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