Thursday, March 24th, 2022 Mainstream propaganda leads to idiots declaring Zelensky being fair and honest. He’s just another globalist puppet.

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Now, some news that isn’t really NEWS, is it?

Biden, the Democrat Resident-in-thief, fails to keep a promise on our southern border.

If anyb0dy is surprised by this, please do not operate heavy machinery or handle any kind of cutlery.

JJ McCartney Commentary:

Is it just me, or has it been a year since the last plandemic stimulus checks were approved? And is it just me, or has inflation caused all of us to be at least 10-15% less able to stay even with prices, and knowing that there is absolutely no plan to deliver any meaningful relief to those who are least capable of absorbing higher costs of living, why is nobody addressing this failing economy?

Had these identical circumstances occurred during Trump’s term, the corrupt media and the corrupt Democrats would have screamed bloody murder and more phony scandals and impeachment hearings would have gone on even more than they already had.

I’m not claiming that President Trump was a saint, but what the left, and the media as a collective whole did during Trump’s presidency was inexcusable, up to and including stealing the presidency.

America today is breathing on life support. The economy is teetering on the brink of full insolvency. Our moral compass has been replaced with a soiled version of 50 shades of gray. And anybody who attempts to stand on the moral foundation of our founders is ridiculed by the leftist bastards in late-night TV shows. Yes, Colbert, Kimmel and Fallon, I am talking about you.

As of today, if you are still relying on ABC, CBS, NBC or any of the major streaming platforms, you are paying to have your mind exposed to filth and propaganda.

The time is now to dry up the revenue streams of mainstream media. Cut the cords. Make it a clean break.

November is still almost 6 full months away. The question now is: Will America and the world as we knew her a year ago still be here by then?

Get your affairs in order. Stand on principles. And prepare for dystopia, because it is rapidly approaching.

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