Thursday May 21st 2020: SHIRTS and GRINS – JJ McCartney with a heartfelt plea

Today on a special edition of The JJ McCartney Show, JJ lays out the future of the JJ McCartney Show, and how everybody can help us succeed in our push to VICTORY in November, and for eternity too!

When it comes to building a mansion, everybody has to start with a sound foundation. At times building a foundation involves a lot of hard work that may not look like much fun. if the property has tree stumps, you have to get rid of them. or, it might be that your mansion site sits on a steep hill. You might have to put in pilings to serve as a major portion of the home’s support structure.

Or, you might be building on a flood plane, which requires even more thoughtfulness and yes, hard work.

For seven years, we have been building a foundation here, investing ouir effort and hard work in a body of work. thousands of shows, a record for us to point to as an accurate representation of who we are, and what we truly and sincerely believe in and know about America, the world, and God.


And now it is time to frame up the walls, get the rafters and joists in place for the roof, in short, it is time to construct theĀ  next phase of and reach out to the masses in a big way.

We’ll need your help to see this through. By sharing our show, our website, our YouTube channel with your friends and groups, you are helping us do great things. If we grow our audience we can fund our show and grow much more quickly. Our next goal is 10,000 YouTube subscribers. At present we are just below 4,000.

In terms of our merchandising, and funding options, growing our subscriber base is imperative.

YOU can help by sharing our YouTube channel, ( with everybody you know, with all your groups on social media, and liking and sharing our videos.

Join JJ LIVE today as we share proof that the Obama administration illegally spied on Trump, Michael Flynn and that Obama certainly knew that the lies they were making up about Russian collusion were tantamount to an illegal coup attempt.

Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET at and Red State Talk Radio