Thursday May 31st 2018- Dinesh pardoned, Sears closings plus Michael Cutler LIVE

Ahhh, Thursday. Sear’s is closing 72 more retail stores, and this is yet another indicator of the devastating impact internet retailers are having on brick-and-mortar retailers. and have been so ahead-of-the-curve in offering a full-service easy delivery system for ordering products online that retail stores are being driven out of profitability simply by the sheer volume of the big online retailers.

We’ll discuss the implications, not only for Sear’s, but for the smaller retail chains, and mall-dwelling locally owned retail businesses sure to be nagatively impacted as Sear’s shrinks it’s footprint in this new century of “progress”.

Also President Trump has issued a full pardon to Dinesh D’Souza, describing the prosecution of D’Souza as a malicious and petty abuse of power by the Obama justice department. Nobody I can think of disagrees with that assessment.

And Michael Cutler returns to discuss the contentious manner with which the political left in America have ignored the rule of law when it comes to illegals flooding into America, committing mass-0voter-fraud, and being counted when leftists want to redraw congressional boundaries to undermine the electoral system in America.

In other words: Democrats are not shy about cheating to try tpo overthrpow elections, so this should come as no surprise. The left stand for lawlessness for everybody except Dinesh D’Souza and Donald Trump.

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