Thursday May 9th: FAKE NEWS ALERT: Media blame TRUMP for market shakiness due to CHINA trade deal CHEATING!!

So according to the media it’s somehow President  Donald Trump’s fault that China cheated on the trade deal reached early in his presidency. They claim Trump’s tweet about China cheating is to blame for $1.5 Trillion lost in world markets since.

Welcome to the screwed up media world which doesn’t believe in cause and effect. They just take every opportunity to pound on the President. Based on nothing but their raw hatred of the man.

At the end of this dust-up with China things will be fine. Markets will recover, and the growth and prosperity President Trump has generated will still lead us to more positive ground.

But the media, ,the most reviled main-stream establishment media will continue to alienate truth, choosing instead partisan rhetoric and embracing deceit and wanton disregard for the law, the Constitution and the American working class.

JJ says: The media is nothing but a corrupt collection of globalist puppets and tight-assed blond bombshells to keep your eyes firmly fixed on the T & A news network.

Meanwhile, God is in control. The events of the world do not dictate how we are to live our lives. so fear not!

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