Thursday Niovember 1st 2018: Exposing the mass-media MISINFORMATION machine: The psychosis of the bitter, angry and violent left.

How do you try to dupe an entire nation into staying home on election day? You begin by creating a false narrative. That narrative then gets parroted by the corrupt and servile media.

Then you take billions of dollars in Soros-money and you funnel it to PACs who routinely advertise lies, falsehoods and innuendo about conservative candidates and incumbents everywhere.

Then you take your false narrative and try to turn it into an inevitable reality.

This is exactly what the left is doing in America as we approach election day.

Things in America economically have seldom been better than they are now. That is a direct result of the President’s policies and the Republican majority in the House and the Senate,

The liars in the mainstream media are espousing their fantasies as if they are fact, which they most definitely are NOT. For two years the Democrats have behaved like spoiled rotten toddlers whose toys were taken away. Except that the Democrats have behaved far worse than that. They have committed violent attacks on conservatives, they have shut down free speech on college campuses, and they have attempted to neutralize the power of the Presidency so long as Trump is in office.

They have embraced illegal aliens and tried to bestow citizenship rights to them in exchange for votes, They have undermined our sovereignty, have advocated for the release of illegals that have committed violent crimes, and they have tried to open the floodgates so that Islamic :refugees” from terrorist hotbeds are welcomed with open arms and no vetting.

Now, which course will you choose? America, the great nation it is becoming under the leadership of conservatives? Or the globalist puppets known as Democrats?

We had all better choose wisely. If the Democrats keep their promise of “blood in the streets” if they lose, let’s give them the opportunity to try to act violently when they lose next week.

America is divided, no doubt. But there are still more of US than there are of THEM. And we must do what we must do to guard against radical leftists trying to tear down what the working class has built in the past 22 months.

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