Thursday November 21st 2019: A day for INTOLERANCE!! LIVE 3-5pm ET

Thursday November 21st 2019:


A day for Intolerance!

After years of patience, kindness, and pursuing a mission to show love to the world through ouir testimonies and passionate defense of our moral standards, we find that the left is under no such stricture when it comes to civility, politeness and ethical couth-ness.

And so, rather than answering in kind when attacked by the left, we will instead exercise our right to no longer tolerate them at all.

It is not that we hate them, because that WOULD be wrong. So instead, we simply no longer welcome them to our sanctuary. They will find no shelter here as long as they choose to behave the way the Democrats in the Congress are behaving.

WE defend our President because we can read the intentions of the Democrats so easily. They are attempting to disassemble our entire Constitution by trying to negate the power of the Executive Branch, all the while pretending that some grand capitol crime has been committed by the duly elected President whom they oppose at every turn.

The Democrats are not morally right. They are simply SORE LOSERS. Plain and simple.

And we will not tolerate them on this program. We should not tolerate them at the ballot box in 2020.

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