Thursday September 1st 2022 Guest Randy Rhodes- How did the USA arrive here? And is Ozzy Osborne just one of the guys?

Join JJ McCartney and Executive Producer Jenn Woodruff LIVE with our guest, Rhandy Rhodes as we talk about how America got here, and where it’s going next?

Plus the nation overwhelmingly thinks we are going the wrong way. Yet the lunacy of the radical left is trying to run roughshod over common sense, the Constititution, and sane, rational thought.

A Vax emergency update, perheps we call it a Fauci-Faux-pas?

Plus, remember how Joe-mo promised no tax increases for people who earned less than $400,000 a year? How do you suppose they are going to use the new 87,000 IRS Agents, then?

Lastly, is America being deliberately steered into a Civil war? Tume in from 3 to 5pm ET for the Throwback-Thursday edition of the JJ McCartney Show. Listen LIVE at,, or watch the live video stream at