Thursday show with Michael Cutler and we’ll break down the broken Fake News machinery

Fake News media pushing fake polls to try to demoralize REAL Americans into thinking that up is down, black is white, male is female, and cold is hot.


On the heels of a fake Gallup poll yesterday claiming that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the most admired man and woman in America, it is high time that we expose Gallup and the corporate controlled media for the lying propagandists they are!

Ever hear of weighted sampling? This would be like weighing Melania Trump against Rosie O’Donnell. The scale would be permanently broken! And their scales are broken at Gallup, Pew, Quinnipiac, ABC/WaPo, NYT and the rest.

President Donald Trump has accomplished more in just 11 months than Obama accomplished in 8 destructive years. The economy is booming. Jobs are returning. Unemployment is dropping, and wages are rising. AND…taxes are going down!

So why is the fake news media doubling down on their lies about Obama and Hillary? Could it really be they are that stupid? Deluded? living in complete denial?

Yes. All of the above. But Mostly, it is because they have no conscience when it comes to serving their ideology, even when it is proven to be false, wrong, sick, and dangerous.

Leaders are not created by the media. Leaders are born with gifts from God. Donald Trump is a real leader. Barack Obama is a figment of George Soros and Frank Marshall Davis’s imagination.

America is coming back strong. And they don’t like it.  Guess they’ll just have to go bankrupt as nobody is watching or listening to what they report. It’s fake news, and it always has been.

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