Thursday: Supreme Court OK’s Internet sales tax collection. Plus Michael Cutler LIVE

In just one fell swoop, the land of e-commerce has just been turned on it’s collective ear. Thanks to a 5-4 Supreme Court decision today, it is now only a matter of time before states begin collecting sales tax for internet sellers who do not have a presence in an individual state.

The up-shot? E-comerce is going to become one confused hot mess for retailers, users of eBay, and any time money changes hands on the internet, someone somewhere will insist it’s THEIR business!\

No doubt algorithm enthusiasts will be very busy between now and however much time it takes to implement this scheme. Hold on to your e-wallets, consumers.

Plus we’ll talk truth vs. the ridiculous attacks of the entire deep-state-fed mainstream media against President Trump’s immigration policy.

Never before has any president been so wrongly attacked for simply enforcing the law and leading America according to the constructs of the Constitution. Guest Michael Cutler will join JJ for this lively discussion.

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