Thursday: Trump delivers a Reality Check to Bezos. Plus Michael Cutler LIVE

JJ McCartney is LIVE from 3-5pm ET today with guest, 30-year INS Special Agent Michael Cutler!

Michael Cutler, INS Special Agent(Ret.)

We’ll talk about President Trump’s reality-check for Jeff Bezos, and how in just one year, Trump has changed the future of the U.S. economy in a profound and incredibly positive way.

John Kerry(yes, THAT idiot!) says he is considering another run for president in 2020. Which begs the question, Did YOU know that The Association of Sensational Shitheads was looking for a new President? Kerry should be a shoo-in for THAT position.

We’ll also talk about how environmentalists have morphed into the most psychotic and dangerous people whose roots are Islamic and whose family trees do not fork.



Plus, miraculously, the “missing FBI texts” have been located! Trump calls Mueller’s bluff. The President says he will testify under oath. A man with nothing to hide doesn’t have to try to remember the lies. Mr. Trump is absolutely in the clear, and the Deep State is now in complete panic/shitting-their-pants mode!

We’ll fill you in on the manner with which the Justice department is going after sanctuary cities/counties/states and why Santuary activists and poiliticians will end up with egg on their face and no excuses.

And we will take YOUR phone calls LIVE!

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