Today on The JJ McCartney Show: Predictable Dems “bimbo-parade” gutter-attack on Roy Moore

Another in a long line of predictable gutter-attacks by the Democrats as the headlines claim Moore made sexual advances on a 14-year-old back when he was 32.

Isn’t this so much like the Dems? It is called “projection”. It’s when you accuse your enemy of doing what you yourself are guilty of. And this is straight out of the worn cover-to-cover playbook of the libtard left.

Here’s the alleged victim when she was 14. It’s a pitcher of me and my momma…so you have to believe me.

Manufacture some bimbo to emerge and make claims about Judge Moore from 39 years ago. No charges ever filed. No witnesses. No substance to these charges whatsoever. AND…the one claiming sexual advances is now employed as a customer service representative for “PAYDAY LOANS”.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

But the Democrats can, and do, and have made this stuff up time after time after time.

Remember Anita Hill accusing Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment? Only coming forward after he was a Supreme Court nominee? Recall the details of her allegations were actually lifted from a harassment case that passed through her office when she worked for Judge Thomas.

The democrats are desperate, willing to tell any lie that they think will better their chances of winning the tight race between Moore and Doug Jones, the democrat nominee.

The Washington Post has spared no expense in constructing this ridiculous set of allegations, going so far as to publish pictures of the alleged “victims” when they were teenagers.

This is nothing but political Kabuki theater. Judge Moore was the Chief Justice of the Alabama state Supreme Court for many years. He has run many campaigns, and none of these alleged incidents ever came around.

Only now, when he is running for the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to accept the nomination to be the Attorney General have these allegations magically surfaced.

The Liberal Lunatics are willing to go to great lengths tpo manufacture salacious fake news. Sorry. Let’s say it the right way: FAKE NOOZ.

Sexual harassment is a very serious matter. as is Statutory rape. And the accusations come 39 years after the alleged encounter?

As the Church-Lady used to say:

“Isn’t that CONVENIENT?”

Sorry libtard left: NO SALE.

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