Tuesday April 10th 2018- You KNOW you’re getting old when…

Today on the JJ McCartney Show:

JJ McCartney, on Monday’s show:

“This has always been about not only besmirching President Trump, and violating HIS constitutional right, but it’s also about trying to neuter his presidency. This is an attempt, and by the way we have’t seen anything like this since Watergate(and this is much more serious than Watergate), only for the purpose of pointing out the manner with which political operatives within the FBI, Justice Dept, the CIA and the Deep State, who are trying to pull out every single stop, to impede President Trump from executing the duties of the presidency which he was sworn to do on January 20th 2017. … 

…the Presidency  is always going to meet resistance in Washingt0n…We cannot allow a precedent to be set at this moment by the radical left as they continue their non-stop assault on President Trump. We must never give them the satisfaction of thinking they railroaded him out of office or neutered him in such a fashion that he was a laughing stock as a president. We must be willing to stand on the constitution, and we must put pressure to the attorney general, to our senators and congressman, so that they understand…we elected President Trump for a reason. You may not agree with that reason, but you cannot argue that he was elected fair and square by the American people.

…regardless of your distaste

This is about the survival of the presidency, not the presidency of Donald Trump, but the survival of the presidency itself.

What they are trying to do right now is diminish the significance and the powers of the presidency. They are trying to deconstruct our democratic republic and turn it into something much more sinister that is run not by a chief executive, but by a hidden deep state, who acts with impunity, because they know they’ve got a friend in the news media and they know they have friends in federal judge seats in places like the 9th circuit in San Francisco…

…This is about preserving America as a democratic republic. We may not like this system sometimes, but if we lose this system, something else is going to take its place, and you and I will have nothing to say about that, I guarantee you that will be the case.”

The Presidency is under siege by the news media, by the deep state, and by a rogue agent in Robert Mueller who has gon far beyond his mandate when he was named special counsel to investigate Russian meddling or collusion.

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The future of this nation is being stolen by liars, cheaters, and swindling crooks who’ve made careers by ignoring the law when it’s expedient in their favor, and abusing the law when the law favors we, the people.

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