Tuesday April 17th 2018: Dr. Mark Davis and WHAT the GORSUCH was THAT?!

Trump’s hard lesson: Supremes are fickle bunch, as Gorsuch sides with the libs on the high court on key Immigration issue.

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We’ll tyalk about the controversial deportation proviso which the Supreme court, on a 5-4 ruling, declared was too vague on what constitutes “violent crime”.

Gorsuch voted with the four liberal justices on the court, dealing a setback to the embattled Trump administration.

Elsewhere in the news: IRS computerized filing system crashed on the day set as the filing deadline for 2017 tax returns. “A number” of systems used by the Internal Revenue Service that allow taxpayers to file required forms and payments crashed – on the day that those documents were due.

And those MENSA rejects in California have topped themselves yet again in the stupidity department: To battle global warming, these geniuses have decided to PAINT the streets WHITE, at a cost of $40,000 per mile for one coat of this “Coolseal”.

They claim two coats of this stuff will last 7 years. Assuming they are going to coat at least 100 miles of city roads, that would be a cool $4,000,000. Shall we all re-convene in 7 years and measure how much the temperature has dropped globally? It’s a DATE!!

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